“That that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger” – Stronger – Kanye West


Harder, better, faster, stronger – Daft Punk originally had that part of the lyrics infused into the song Stronger. As a teenager, it’s a motto to live by. Always looking to be one up, at the top or ahead of the pack is basically the way to live by. Some teens prove it by already on a strict workout regimen. They’ve got it in their head that they want to take care of their body and have started with exercise and protein drinks and are leading the pack already. There’s no law that says you can’t pump up your body until you reach 20 and then you can go from there. You can start now. You can be stronger.

Exercise and a good protein program is the way to go to get the best out of building muscle and trimming fat for a more lean physique. It doesn’t mean you have to have guns like Popeye, but you can show off a 6 pack with the best of them and that’s what you’re out to do. Maybe it’s because you’re on the swim team or maybe it’s just because you play shirts and skins on the outdoor basketball court and if you’re picked on skins you want to look like a mean lean fighting machine. You can find out more about the top 5 testosterone boosters of 2014 and see what is keeping people at the top of the pack. Check out muscleexpand.com/best-testosterone-booster and see what measures up to the results you are looking to achieve.

Starting a workout regimen in your teens is getting on the path early and makes it easier for you in as your grow older to stick with a program and reap its benefits as well as you go on. It’s better to start off earlier because you can do so better with ease as your muscles are already starting to take the shape you are trying to fit them into. You have control of your body and development and can go for a lean muscular look or if it suits your tastes better, keep building on your muscles. If you ever watched Jersey Shore on MTV you noticed Mike “Situation” had a trimmer body yet sculpted chest and arms as opposed to Ron who had more “pop” to his muscles. They both took good care of their bodies, just chose different routes to follow to obtain what end shape they were looking for.

Look for what suits your tastes and not what someone else modeled themselves after. It’s your body, and you know you want to work it harder, better, faster, stronger and it’s up to you how you’re going to go about it to achieve the look that you want in the end. Exercise and healthy nutrient supplements that are all natural are a great way to go about trying to achieve the look that you are looking for in the end. It’s all you, go for the look you want and do it with natural products and you’re on your way to reaching your goals.

You’ve got your first summer job, now what do to with the extra cash?

Fast Food Restaurant EmployeeYou’ve finally done it. You have gained some financial freedom by finding a job to take you through the summer. The steady work and the steady pay was a big draw to get you there.   Your first impulse is sure to thrill any farmer by heading to the local farmers market and splurge on a dinner to celebrate your new job. Okay, maybe that’s pushing it, but you know you’ve got some money and you don’t want it to burn a hole in your pocket, so it’s time to think of what you want to do with it.

Do you save it all summer for a big ticket item? Do you take some and put a little of it aside so you’ll have it for a rainy day and use the extras for fun things you can do now? How about do as your parents suggested and put it aside for college, which really seems to suck the fun out of having this first job. Practical, yes; boring, yes. So sit back and take a pause and think about how you want to go about spending this newfound pot of gold.’

How about a little bit of everything. They didn’t teach you economics in school for nothing, you’d like to go with your parents to the bank and open up an account so you can keep track of your money and walk away with a prized debit card. No more carrying cash everywhere for everything, never knowing exactly if you’ve got too much or too little on hand. It makes you feel more adult to have a debit card. Also so much more convenient now especially at the gas pump most definitely.

While you’re at the bank you might want to open a savings account too. That’s to save up for your big ticket item without having it in your face with constant temptation to take it out and spend it. A savings account will keep it out of immediate reach and make you really have to do some serious thinking as to if you need to withdraw from it or not. It’s your money keep some of it safe for a rainy day even, it’s wise to put some of it up and a savings account is the best bet when it comes to stashing away some of your hard earned money.

So now you have cash on hand in the form of a debit card, money in savings and you’re living large. Try to ignore the urges you will get, and yes, you will get them; to spend every red cent you’ve managed to acquire through your job. Having a plan such as above as far as how to take care of your money is a great way to strengthen your will and teach you lessons in responsibility along the way. You work hard, it’s okay to play hard now too. You’ve earned it. Just remember slow and steady wins the race and there’s no big hurry to spend every last penny upon receiving it. Stash and save and allow a little shopping every now and then and you’re good to go.

How to have a party without your parents finding out

So your parents are heading Teenagers Hanging Out In Front Of Television Eating Pizzaout of town and leaving you at home. What do you do? You plan a party. Even though that is probably against the rules, you just wouldn’t be a normal teen without planning a “parents out of town” party.

So the Friday before that weekend invite all your closest friends, and of course tell them not to invite any more people, but they do. You get home from school and act all bummed that your parents are leaving but inside your all excited. Your best friends told you the hottest boy in school is coming over. So you wait till they leave and then start doing your hair and makeup, because you can’t be caught without your hair done. While putting out some few snacks that your parents left for you to nosh on over the weekend the doorbell rings.

As the people start piling in you realize that your friends did not keep the party to themselves and everyone in town is at your house, even people you have never met. What do you do? You decide it will be ok and hang out with your friends. The hot guy arrives and you start talking to him all the while forgetting that there are a ton of people in your house. As the party starts to end you start to notice all the food all over the floor, the cushions from the couch on the floor, and oh no, the carpet is ruined.

So what do you do? You panic first, then you get busy cleaning up. While the food and trash is easy to clean up the stains on the carpet are going to take some time. So you call a respected local professional to help you with your problem areas. While you wait on the professional carpet cleaner to arrive you decide to finish cleaning the house. Once the carpet cleaner arrives you get surprised at the affordable price as quoted by Jason Luco. You don’t have to worry about the cost because your parents left you an emergency fund.

When the carpet cleaner gets done your carpet looks good as new and your parents will never know that you had a wild party in their house while they were gone. Unless, the neighbors saw all the kids going in and out of the house last night. Hopefully, they were out and didn’t see anything.

You just might get away with the party that you threw since there is no damage to the house and you had the carpets cleaned. There is no evidence of the shenanigans that happened the night before. Just as they are pulling into the driveway you realize that you never took the trash to the road so there are bags of trash in the kitchen. This could get very ugly. So you pray that they don’t notice the excess of trash sitting in the kitchen before you can get it to the can outside. When all is said and done you have beaten the odds and not gotten caught. Making this the best weekend ever.

5 Kitchen Gadgets for Independent Teens

There comes a certain point on your journey to adulthood where you just want to be independent. Next to doing your own laundry and getting a part-time job, there is one thing that is an important step in solidifying your independence – cooking. Believe it or not, you just can’t live your life on Ramen noodles and microwave macaroni and cheese bowls. Learning how to cook is a valuable skill for your entire life. Best of all, there are dozens of cool cooking gadgets that make everything from prepping to cooking a meal fool proof. Give these five kitchen gadgets a try and see what kind of delicious food can be cooked up in your kitchen. Making healthy choices is going to be critical as you get older!

1. Double Level Steamer – If there is one gadget you should master and use regularly it’s a steamer. Many colleges do not allow hot plates or other cooking devices but a steamer is one device that is campus approved. With a double level steamer you can easily cook vegetables on one level and meat on the other. Sprinkle these items with some of your favorite seasonings and you have an entire meal ready to go in 30-minutes or less. With the double layer models there is a removable center plate which allows you to cook large portions of items like rice or spaghetti squash on one step.

best pasta maker2. Pasta Maker – You might not make your own pasta from scratch but learning how to use a pasta maker is still a good idea. The flavor of homemade pasta surpasses that of the store bought version. It’s one of the reasons that fine dining authentic italian restaurants put forth the effort to make their own. Pasta makers come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Some stand alone and others attach to stand mixers or blenders. Check out reviews to find the best pasta maker for you.

3. Bread Machine – There is something about homemade bread that makes your mouth water. When it is fresh out of the baker it is moist, sweet and purely delicious. A bread machine is another kitchen gadget that is easy to operate for teens. All you have to do is follow the directions for the recipe you are trying to make. Everything is done in the one machine. Layer the ingredients accordingly, select the right setting and come back to fresh baked bread six to eight hours later.

4. Waffle Iron – Is there anything better than homemade waffles? A waffle iron allows you to quickly make waffles for your friends and family. You can buy a boxed mix that only requires you to add water for an easy alternative to prepping batter from scratch. Waffles are a great item to make in bulk too. You can cook them and freeze them for the week when you are busy. All it takes is 60-seconds in the microwave and they are ready to eat.

5. Multi Use Grill – When it comes to having one kitchen gadget that can do it all you need a multi-use grill. This is similar to a classic George Foreman electric grill but it has interchangeable plates and the top platform has the ability to lay flat. This allows you to cook paninis, grill chicken and beef, make pancakes and more all on one space saving gadget. Plus, with the removal plates, clean up is a breeze.

Fun with Footwear

reviews for work bootsSince teenagers seem to love the look of work boots as the new trend, they will need a place to find them. Luckily there is a perfect place to do so. Soleofaman.com has everything in work boots that you could possibly imagine. They even have an actually easy to navigate site that allows you to target what kind of boots you need.

If you need work boots for actual work, but that you’ll wear to school too, than they have work boots for you. They are organized into sections for the type of job you are doing. Everything is so easy to get to that you don’t have to spend hours online looking for the right pair only to guess at whether or not they would be good for your job as well as being fashionable. You go to the section you need, see a few simple options and pick the one you like best.

This site has you in and out fast and lets you know what shoes are best for what activates. They have all kinds of different shoes for all kinds of activities. They have shoes specific for running, being on your feet a lot, having flat feet, hiking and specific kinds of work boots for specific jobs. It really is the one stop shoe shop and you’re never left wondering if they are right for your task.

Wearing the wrong shoes for the wrong activity can truly wreak havoc on your body. It can cause all different kind of conditions over time, some of which can be debilitating or leave you with chronic pain, all because you picked the cute shoes and not the right cute shoes. No one wants that to happen so don’t let it happen to you. At this age your body is still developing and is sensitive to problems like that and could leave you with bad back or hip problems in the future. It is especially dangerous on still developing bones.

I know that usually kids your age don’t care much about taking care of yourself but in this case, considering the risk to your bone formation, I would make the exception. Besides, it isn’t as if all of the options are orthopedic shoes. They have a great selection of hip young shoes that will look great and be right for the task at hand. Wearing work boots to gym class may look cool but sneakers specially designed for physical activity is less likely to leave you with bone deformities and lifelong pains. So, trust that there is a reason to get the right shoes for everything and now, a place to do it fast and easily too.

For those of you looking for the best work boots for a specific job, or looking for cool looking work boots for school or hanging out with friends than that is definitely the place to go to get them. They also have great reviews for work boots that will help you make your decision the right way instead of just picking any old pair and going with it. Look cool and stay healthy at the same time, besides, a great site and great brands and styles are not exactly a bad thing, so why not go here and get the right shoes while looking awesome.

Get Started Playing the Guitar in 3 Easy Steps

Music is one way that people choose to channel their inner creativity. The best songs in the industry are based on the writer’s feelings about a particular person or situation. Society realizes the importance of music in a person’s life and that is why public schools generally offer or require music programs in k-12 education. The guitar is one instrument that is used in nearly every musical group and is often the first choice for teens looking to pick up a talent and express their creativity. The good news is that it is relatively easy to get started learning how to play the guitar.

guitarStep 1: Research Types of Guitars. There are several different types of guitars – base guitars, electric guitars, acoustic guitars – and for every type there are a variety of styles. Some people believe that you should start at the beginning with an acoustic guitar until you get used to the sound and how to work the strings. Finding your first guitar to start out with will ultimately depend on what your goal is. Do you want to play in your garage with your buddies? Are you looking to cover your favorite country songs? Do you need to jam to Led Zeppelin?

Take some time to look into the different guitars that your favorite musician plays. Each style has it’s own type of music. You can even visit the local guitar store to learn more about your new creative passion and get tips on which would be the best guitar for you.


Step 2: Purchase a Guitar. Ok, you have decided on a guitar – now what? Now is time to purchase. The first guitar that most people have is used. You can often find inexpensive guitars for sale through websites like MyFirstAxe.com or in your local classified ads or at a city-wide garage sale. The perk of choosing a used model is that it is already broken in and just waiting to be played. Think of your guitar like a baseball mitt – in order for it to really work, it needs to be broken in.

Alternatively you may want to buy a new guitar. Now, new guitars are going to be substantially more expensive but they are a good investment if you believe you will stick with playing for a long time. Music has a way of getting into your soul and most people who play have a passion that they never let go of.


Step 3: Learn to Play. You cannot learn to play the guitar from hours of playing Guitar Hero on your Xbox. However, you can learn to play from video sites like YouTube. The average guitar player is either self-taught or learned from a friend or family member. If you do not have access to any of these options then you could also consider taking lessons with a professional. Lessons can be expensive which is why most people turn to the thousands of tutorials on the internet to start. Once you learn the basics it is easy to teach yourself more elaborate scales.

If you have had any experience reading music in school then it’ll make it easier for you to learn how to play the guitar. Of course, there are many musicians you cannot read music and learn by hearing and associated the notes. If you ever want to write your own music then you will need to learn to read it; this is another skill that you can learn online.

‘Work boots’ – the new trend in teen fashion.

WORK BOOTS AND FASHIONThere is no such 1 pair or brand of boots that are considered to be an ideal work boot, suitable for every kind of work, and it is true that even Dr Martens, Wolverine 1000 miles and classic Timberlands are to a varying degree working boots, at least they were invented for and were worn for a long time by workers. Most work boots have similar characteristics – they are high enough to cover the ankles, they have a thick durable sole to protect the feet from rain or cold weather, they are made from a thick material to provide safety and they have a round front, to allow maximum comfort. There are work boots that are lined with fur on the inside for those living in cold climates, and others that provide maximum insulation from the material that they are made of. There are also lighter boots suitable for hot summer months.

As these boots were intended to be worn in oil and gas refineries, construction sites, metallurgical and automotive factories, as well as in engineering and aeronautics, while in the recent years they have received a lot of attention from fashion gurus, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Gant, who have turned them into an every day wear. Therefore if these work boots get scratched, it only adds them charm, as they will last through various weather and working conditions. To prolong the life of the boots, however, it is advised to use water and dirt- repellant sprays during rains and winter months, and these can be purchased from carious online stores.


From Timberland, to Keen Utility and Chipewa, there are fantastic boots that are durable, comfortable and even stylish,click here for more information. Timberlands, for example, are extremely easy to wear, and have been seen on celebrities such as Jay-Z, Justin Bieber and even Rihanna, same as thick knit sweaters were once considered as garments for sailors, and bomber jackets for those who like motorbikes, which have lost their original applicability and now are worn by everyone.


The principle of finding the right working shoes for you is simple – there are 3 things to look at – durability, comfort and price. For example, when it comes to the simple, iconic Timberlands in famous yellow, they are relatively inexpensive, extremely comfortable and durable, and they can be worn almost all year round, except for hot weather. At the moment these shoes are experiencing another wave of popularity and now come in various colors, including black, brown and burgundy.

Another famous brand is Chippewa, a company that has been making work footwear for over a century. Their shoes include boots for extreme weather conditions that provide maximum insulation, they are reliable, and extremely durable, as some people admit to have been wearing the same pair for over 30 years, while occasionally replacing and repairing the sole. These shoes are much more bulky and made from a more coarse leather, even the shoe laces are made from hard materials, which ensures their long life. Though a bit rough and heavy, overall they are quite affordable and great for work wear. The same can be said about the Caterpillar shoes, which don’t say much in shoe design and style, but will provide a comfortable, reliable footwear that can help prevent injuries at work.


Whatever your work might be, there are shoes and boots designed to suit every weather and any situation, such as boots with steel-toe, ideal for those dealing with heavy-weight materials; boots that are waterproof and made from durable materials that can withstand contact with dangerous materials, and those that are insulated to ensure your feet are warm even during days of extreme cold.


Knife Safety – Good Habits Start Young

Knife Safety for Teenagers

Knife safety is an important thing that you should make sure to discuss with your teenager while they are still young. There are so many things that can go wrong when using a knife that it is a good idea to sit down and discuss how to properly use one, as well as the dangers, before any accidents occur.

Before letting your teenager use a mtech knife, use these following safety instructions and teaching tips to make sure they know how to properly use the knife.. You may find that using a demonstration at first is best —show them the correct techniques while also explaining some of the dangers that may occur. Many teenagers learn best from seeing things first-hand, so try to be as descriptive as possible while showing what could happen. Also, answer any questions that they may have at that time.

Be sure to let your teenager know that they should always carry a knife with the end pointed down. This allows them to walk around without harming anyone else. They should also know that when a knife begins to fall, they should just let it go rather trying to catch it. They need to back away, let the knife fall, and then pick it up when it is done.

Should your teenager plan on using a cutting board, they should always know that it is in place before they start cutting. They should place all food that they plan to cut up onto the cutting board and cut it that way rather than trying to hold the food in the air while cutting. The hand that is holding the food to be cut needs to have the fingers curled in. This allows the fingers to be kept safe because the most that the knife can come in contact with is the smooth surface on the tops of the fingers. In order to prevent injury, the motions of cutting that occur should go down to the cutting board rather than back towards yourself or to another person.

Handling Knife

While teaching your teenager about knife safety, it is a good idea for you to teach them how to properly sharpen their knives. Knives that are properly sharpened will work a lot better because they will be able to perform their jobs easier. In fact, dull knives are often more dangerous than a sharp knife, so keep all of the knives in your home properly sharpened.

After using the knife, explain to your teenager the proper way to wash and store the knife. You should do both of these things right away to prevent them from getting left out and potentially hurting other people. Choose a safe place in your kitchen to store knives; somewhere that is out of reach and will not accidentally hurt someone who does not know the knife is there.

Hunting – A Tradition Worth Passing Down

So it is that time in a young teenager’s life. You are ready to start teaching them how to hunt. Your father taught you and now you want to share that experience with your own son or daughter and you cannot wait to show them everything — from how to use the ultimate hunting knife to picking out the right gun. When you are ready to show your teenager how to properly hunt, make sure that you follow some of these important safety rules in order to keep everyone safe.

Safe Hunting

Safe Hunting Tips

Tip 1

Make sure to teach your teenager that every time they are near a gun or they are using it, that they should assume that it is already loaded, even if it is not. There are many accidents that can occur in hunting because someone assumes a gun is not loaded. They get a little careless and then find out that gun still has a bullet in it and someone ends up getting hurt.

Tip 2

When the gun is not in use, it is important that the safety is on and that your teen carries the gun so that the barrel is down towards the ground. The safety will ensure that the gun will not go off if there happens to be a bullet still inside and pointing it down will help in case it falls so nothing goes off.

Tip 3

For this tip, you will want to make sure that your teenager is able to see properly and understands what they are targeting when hunting. There are many hunting accidents that occur because the hunter assumes that they are seeing an animal when in fact what they are seeing is another person who is also out hunting. Make sure that you are positive of what your target is before starting.

Tip 4

Next, it is a good idea to make sure that you are wearing the right outfit before you go out hunting. It is required that all hunters wear some bright orange on their person the whole time that they are out hunting. This makes it easier for other hunters to see you so that you do not get accidentally shot.

Hunting Knife

Hunter’s Knife

Tip 5

Young children should not be out hunting with you, no matter how interested that they seem to be in the hunting process. While it might seem like fun to take out your small child, they can get easily distracted and will distract you as well, which can cause a lot of problems and potential accidents to everyone who is there. Keep your young children at home and just enjoy this experience with your teenager.

Tip 6

Bring the right equipment. It is always important as a hunter to bring the equipment that you need. This might include the bright orange discussed earlier, a good gun to shoot the animal, and even the ultimate tactical knife to help cut the animal up and skin it before bringing them home. You might even have some of your own favorite tools that you can use to get the hunting job done.

Teens face a difficult time taking exams

Passing the Exam

Teens and students across the country are gearing down for the end of the school year. What does that mean? Tests, tests, and more tests… Teens and students in school are tested much more in the US than in other parts of the world. While testing has become an integral part of our education system, it might not be the best system for our teens today.

Teens are tested in a wide variety of areas and complete many tests such as the SLO Exam, PEO Exams and anything common core based. According to research, students would have a better chance of learning if they were not tested as much, but instead use the excess time as an independent study. As an aspiring teacher, I am constantly in classrooms observing children and adolescents. My findings are astounding. At the elementary level, the children bang their heads on their desk, crumple up exams or even eat them. This is no way to give out free education.

The next idea stems from the fact that teenagers feel that they don’t need to study and that they have better things to do. Well, they are right! However, by not taking exams, the likelihood of them graduating from their individual high schools is very slim. By avoiding tests, students are falling behind in the curriculum and run the risk of failing out completely. Teachers are able to do very little to ease the worries of students and parents alike. With rigorous amounts of tests that teachers have to take, it has a ripple effect that trickles down to the students.

We have become a country in which all focus has been placed on competition and testing. In reality, our focus should be on teaching students. Instead of students having a general interest in the subject area, they are more concerned with passing the test. This results in more short-term knowledge that doesn’t really convert to their long-term memory. Students do want to learn but can be negatively impacted by testing. It isn’t so much a problem of the number of exams, but the complexity of them. With time, exams have become more complicated and tested at intervals that should never be done. Most tests are given at semester intervals. Testing students in these long-term intervals results in more cramming, which studies show has little effect on the learning process. By administrating tests at more frequent intervals, students will be able to continuously learn about the subject at hand.

Pass the Examination

Passing the exam

As a country, we need to stop obsessing with exams and start obsessing over the fact that our students are becoming less knowledgeable. Teachers are more concerned with their students doing well on tests, rather than the welfare of student learning. Without major changes in our education system, we will be continually churning out students who test well but fail at comprehending the material.